CX of M Industry best practices Awards 

The CX of M Industry Best Practices Awards are designed to recognize organizational and individual contributions in customer experience management based on three principles:

  • Best Practices 

  • Innovative Techniques 

  • Getting Results

Award Categories

Understanding the Customer

This award recognizes a situation of profound and impactful uncovering of a key customer insight that catapults the CX to the next level by galvanizing the organization and driving change - rallying around a better-defined mission and purpose for serving.


Experience Design (Both CX and UX)

This award recognizes true category innovation. Whether it’s a mobile app, merchandising at retail, a marketing or social campaign, how customers are handled, or an overall CX/UX process.  The winner is an organization that has developed a competitively superior approach to a critical element of their Experience Design in a way that directly improved results.


Employee Engagement

This award recognizes an organization’s work in the last year to dramatically improve employee happiness, engagement, and effectiveness along the employee experience journey in ways that ultimately enhanced the customer experience in measurable ways.  The winner is an organization that is clearly ahead of its peers in this area and is experiencing business success as a result.


Customer Feedback and Continuous Improvement

This award recognizes the effective use of customer feedback to drive improvement in the process of dealing with customers. 


Individual Award for the Advancement of CX or UX Practice

A winner of this award shows quick and agile learning and rapid improvement in the customer relationship journey. This award is for an individual who motivated or led a team that made a true improvement to CX or UX in their organization.  This person played an irreplaceable role and likely overcame obstacles. The winner’s story generates “lessons learned” and will be inspiring and affirming the importance of prioritizing CX and UX to achieve results.


Nomination Process

CX of M is giving awards in order to promote awareness, teach, and share great ideas.  All of this so that Michigan organizations can improve Customer Experience.


Therefore, the nomination process is as follows:

  • Awards can be self-nominated or on behalf of another, by a client, agency, or practitioner. Self-nomination is encouraged!

  • Nominations are completed online: TBD.

  • The CX of M Awards Committee may contact you in order to get more information or for clarification.

  • Winners will be chosen and notified by TBD.

  • Winners will be honored at the CX of M Awards Dinner on TBD at the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center in East Lansing.

  • Winners will be asked to present at the CXM Best Practices Symposium at the Kellogg Center Hotel & Conference Center in East Lansing. 

  • CX of M reserves the right to share all content submitted without restriction.


Nomination Questions:


Understanding the Customer, Experience Design, Employee Engagement, and Customer Feedback and Continuous Improvement

  • Please describe the CX initiative(s) you are nominating 

  • What promoted this initiative to be developed? 

  • What were the challenges being faced?

  • What was the opportunity that was so appealing? Describe how this organization did things differently as part of identifying, testing, and implementing the idea (i.e. methodologies and/or tools used)

  • Describe the benefits achieved and/or CX improvement of the innovation considering the following:

    • What factors were used to quantify and measure the improvement success? 

    • What impact did the initiative have on the customer, and how was this measured? 

    • What impact did the initiative have on the employee, and how was this measured? 

  • As a result of the initiative how did it change the business operating norms? 

  • How is the initiative set up for ongoing success and consistency? 

  • Please include any additional information you believe will be relevant to the judging process. 


Individual Award for the Advancement of CX or UX Practice

  • Describe the CX initiatives that the individual has advanced over the past year. 

  • What irreplaceable role did this individual play in making these initiatives a reality? 

  • What obstacles did this individual have to overcome to drive this forward and how did they accomplish that? 

  • Who were their strongest internal and external allies in delivering against this? 

  • What is the biggest lesson that the CX industry could apply from this person's accomplishments? 



  • Excellent storytelling and clarity will certainly help.

  • Be sure to provide context.

  • Insights should tie to human behavior.

  • Do not share information you wouldn't want to be made public.  CX of M is about best practice sharing, so please keep this in mind.


Additional information:

  • There is no entry fee.

  • Eligibility is NOT restricted to Michigan organizations.

  • Okay to enter in more than one category.  CX of M reserves the right to re-categorize entries.

  • Attachments and supporting materials can be submitted by email to Tom DeWitt at

  • Winners may publicize/promote the CX of M award in promotional materials.